Recruitment Services in Noida

We at NESTOR know that people are the real assets of any company. Hence, our recruitment division is focused on building a talent pool and hiring the best available resources for your organization. Comprising skilled recruiters and head hunters, our team first identifies the skills sought by our clients, and then provides suitable and job-ready candidates across industry verticals. With dedicated account managers acting as a single point of contact for clients, we ensure prompt delivery of client requirements. Value-added services like assessment of requirement for current and future business needs, training and development of talent base, etc. further ensure client satisfaction.

Scope of our Recruitment Services

Pre-screening and short-listing of candidates.

Telephonic interview to check suitability, job skills & competencies.

Lining up of prospective candidates for interview.

Interview co-ordination and follow-up

Performing reference check of selected candidates and review results with clients

Follow-up with candidates for joining as per DOJ (Date of Joining).

Why Should You Choose a Recruitment Consultant in Noida?

Nowadays, the recruitment process has become so tough and challenging that it is not possible for the owners to recruit the right candidates for their organizations. As a result of this, recruitment consultants have cropped up in every part of the country and Noida is no exception. It hardly matters whether you live in Noida or out of this city, there is a great scope for you to find a job here. There are many recruitment consultants in Noida, but you should be a bit choosy about them. NESTOR Solutions can help you find a suitable job according to your educational qualification and work experience. And, you will not end up landing in trouble.

Choosing one of the most reliable recruitment consultants in Noida

We, at NESTOR Solutions, are a recruitment consultant in Noida that you can trust blindfolded. We realize that the right candidates are the real assets of any organization. We have a strong recruitment division comprising highly skilled professionals. They test candidates on various parameters prior to shortlisting them for various organizations.

How Does a Consultant Help You in Different Ways?

A consultant helps in many ways that you may not be familiar with. His/Her best roles are explained below one by one:

  • He or she is a dab hand in his or her field. He or she knows what the requirement is for a particular job you are applying for. Accordingly, he or she will familiarize you with the details that you need to present before the hiring manager. As a result, you will not be indulging in gossip at the time of interview. With good and reasonable knowledge, you will be able to impress your interviewer and emerge successful with flying colours.
  • Salary negotiation is one of the most difficult tasks that you may not be able to handle on your own while facing your employer. A consultant can give you tips on how to negotiate your salary. However, if you fail in your endeavour, he or she will negotiate with your employer to fix your salary which is commensurate with your work profile and experience.
  • A recruitment consultant keeps in abreast with the latest projects and opportunities of an organization. So, keeping in touch with him or her will prove beneficial to you. As soon as there is a vacancy that matches your profile, he or she will notify of it and you will be the right candidate for this particular position. On the other hand, it may not be possible for you to ascertain what the current project is being handled in a certain organization.
  • As a candidate applying for a certain job, you should be thinking that your educational qualification and work experience are the two important things that are considered for your job profile. But, sometimes they do not prove so purposeful as you think. You will be stunned to know that there are certain things you may not be familiar with that fits indirectly into your job profile. An experienced consultant can delve into this and let you know of such a hidden opportunity.
  • While applying for a job, your location also matters. If you live far away from an organization, where you are going to apply, the employer may not consider your profile, thinking that you may not be able to reach his/her organization in time. A recruitment consultant in Noida will notify you of a job in an organization that is compatible with your location. Thus, you will be able to avoid unnecessary hassles.
  • Finally, a recruitment consultant can ensure you 100% job satisfaction. He or she knows what profile suits you the best. So, he or she will not dupe you by proffering you the job that you will not be comfortable with. Remember that the happiness of a consultant lies in your job satisfaction.